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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or male impotence is a common male problem and can be defined as the inability to achieve or maintain erection, as well as short duration of the erection. The cases of erectile dysfunction are increasing with the age advancement of a patient. More detailed explanation lies in the inability of a person to perform the sexual act given all psychological.

Causes of ED

Male sexual health being the inseparable element of his life, largely influences his psycho-emotional state and general health. This can ignite difficulties not only in partner relations, but in the whole social activity of an individual. It is widely spread problem throughout the world, with the majority cases registered in highly developed countries, where men are stressed out due to tough working schedule and ever growing pressure for social success. There are several reasons underlying this health issue, identifying the correct one in each individual case is a predeterminant for the successful and adequate treatment.

What Ayurveda says about ED. ED is a very common disease which is widely addressed in Ayurveda in terms of causes, prevention and treatment. However, apart from what modern medicine takes as causes and prevention methods of ED, Ayurvedic approach mainly deals with the lifestyle as a whole. The state on mind, lifestyle habitsand diet, all contribute to prevention and treatment of ED. Hence, our approach comprises of dealing with all diseases that result in erectile dysfunction, not only impotency, but premature ejaculation, duration of erection. Since Ayurveda is generally aimed at rejuvenating the whole body and preserving it in a younger state, ED is addressed through the same prism of concepts and actions.

  • Psychological

    This is very common among younger people, who have just started to be sexually active. Partially it is dependent on one's childhood experiences, whereas parents could have inhibited the thought of the sex being something to be ashamed about. Different phobias of the psychological nature (the risk of acquiring sexually transmitted disease, low confidence level etc.) can trigger the ongoing problem of ED. Its is strongly believed in modern medical practice that mature person can overcome ED of the psychological nature without external counseling. The patterns of inter-partner relationships can cause impotency, if there is not enough spiritual kindred and adequate level of understanding and moral support between partners.

  • Hormonal

    The main hormonal factor resulting in the erectile dysfunction is the low level of testosterone in one's body. The medical term for this state is hypogonadism. The level of testosterone will gradually decrease after the age of 40, hence it is more widespread among men of middle age and older. But some patients have the endocrynic changes, contributing to higher levels of another hormone , prolactin, which can suppress the testosterone formation in one's body.

  • Vascular

    Vascular causes of impotency are correlated with vessel walls deterioration. This is commonly caused by such diseases as arthritis, cancer, endocrine system disorder (such as obesity), diabetes, neurological diseases and cardio diseases. As such, atherosclerosis will block the vessels, hence, contributing to higher levels of cholesterol. All organs will suffer from such state, and in the penis it will result in weak erection.

  • Neurological

    Strokes, diseases, traumas of different nature, connected with peripheral nerves and cerebrospinal nervous system destruction, can lead to erectile dysfunction through the absence or difficulties in nerve impulses transmission to the cavernous tissues (?). Spinal traumas can cause this in 75% of cases, the rest 25% is connected to growth, cerebrovascular pathologies, invertebral cartilage hepatoceles, multiple sclerosis and other medical conditions.
    Iatrogenic. Erectile dysfunction (impotency) might be developed against the background of some medicinal drugs intake, especially in case of gout, peptic ulcer diseases, cardiovascular diseases, psychiatric disorders and others. In the worst case scenario when there is no alternative drug or the current drug could not be cancelled, there will be ED in a patient.

  • Other causes of ED

    The underlying causes of ED commonly result from unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as smoking, alcohol intake, drugs, imbalanced diet, insomnia and other sleeping disorders, poor mental state such as short temper all contribute to ED development. Apart from that excessive bicycle riding and traumas in the pelvic region in general (which can be caused by abnormal sex and excessive sex), sauna usage and certain medicines intake will cause ED as well. Imbalanced diet among other causes is very common, such as high cholesterol products and alcohol can trigger weight gain process, increasing female hormones in one's body and decreasing of the male hormones. This can lead not only to impotence, but to infertility. The smoking process will open up the way for carbon dioxide, which will block the oxygen inflow. This, in turn, will cause vascular occlusion, vastly in the penis area. The poor blood circulation in this region is the main cause of the development of erectile dysfunction.

How ED is treated

Regular course of ED treatment will include the identification of a cause, which will be followed by the procedures cope with organic or psychological causes. As such, an ED patient with diabetes will be treated with a sugar-lowering medicine. In case of atherosclerosis a patient will be prescribed a special diet, weight decreasing procedures and the adipose metabolism medicines. For an ED patient with diagnosed heart disease, doctors will control his blood pressure.

Ayurvedic treatment of ED

Vajikarana therapy will be used for dealing with ED. "Vaaji" means "horse" in "karan" means "one who does it". Klaivyam (impotence) is treated depending on the cause of any individual case, and includes the aphrodisiac remedies (vajikarana) along with the rejuvenating medicine (rasayana). The success of ED treatment is dependent on a peaceful athmosphere for a patient. Impotence caused by trauma or congenital atrophy cannot be cured. After a course of vaajikarana therapy and general remedies a patient in general should acquire stronger immune system, high potency for reproduction, mental health, youthfulness and longer duration of erection.