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The uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells in any body areas is referred to as a cancer.There are 100 different types of cancer classified by the medicine now. Not only humans but other living organisms and animals can acquire cancerous cells. Except for leukemia (where there is an abnormal cell division on the blood stream) all types of cancer are associated with formation of lumps or masses of tissue called tumours. Cancerous cells can interfere with blood circulation, nervous or digestive systems, while they can also produce hormones that will change the body condition up to unhealthy levels. There are tumours that stay in one area and demonstrate only limited or no growth, then they are nor dangerous. Malignant forms of tumours can occur during the process of invasion when cancerous cells manage to travel to other body regions through blood stream or lymphatic system. This cell will divide and grown and make blood new vessels to feed itself. This is called metastatic spread or disease.

What Ayurveda says about cancer?

Ayurveda perpective (Sushrura Samhita and Charaka (700BC)) applies there 2 forms of cancer : inflammatory and non-inflammatory or Graanthi (minor neoplasm) or Arbuda (major neoplasm). There are three body-control systems according to Ayurveda: nervous system (Vata), Venous (Pitta), arterial system (Kapha). The combination of doshas involved will define if it is inflammatory or non-inflammatory cancer.They (doshas) should act in synergy to coordinate the normal operation of our bodies. When these three major bodily systems loose coordination they cannot prevent tissue damage, in this state malignant tumours will grow without restriction. With cancer being a leading cause of death in the world and more than 200 types of known cancer, there is still no adequate cure for it. Below you can find a classicifation of cancer types according to Ayurveda:

  • Group 1

    Clear malignancies (arbuda and granthi)
    Mamsarbuda sarcomas, leukaemia, oral cancer, incurable malignant ulcers.

  • Group 2

    Cancer or probable malignancies
    Ulcer, growths, growth of lips, incurable thyroid tumour, abdominal tumours (carcinomas in stomach and liver), lymphomas.

  • Group 3

    Diseases with possible malignancies
    Erysipelas, incurable jaundice, intractable leucorrhoea, intractable sinusitis.

Ayurvedic Treatment

Symptoms, diagnostics, orthodox treatment of cancer are well-known. We will pay more attention to ayurvedic treatment. The common question is: Is cancer curable by Ayurveda? The answer is dependent on the stage of cancer development and its type.Ayurvedic detox and treatment can help in many cases of cancer. However, if with other diseases it is a very long and slow process, the same goes to cancer treatment. It is not rare that Ayurvedic treatment is taken simultaneously with chemotherapy (radiotherapy) and other conventional types of cancer cure, or after it as a restorative therapy, however, it can be used alone as well. Main kashayams prescribed for cancer patients include Varanadi, Manjishtadi, Dasamoola, Kanchnara, Panchvalkal kashayam. These concoctions are formulated with multiple herbal ingredients, aiming to cure in several organs simultaneously.

Since conventional ways of cancer treatment are very toxic, Ayurvedic approach will render helpful in such cases, as herbal medicine have antioxidant properties which will restrain aldehydes negative effect, by this side effects of cancer therapies will be reduced (alopecia, constipation, anorexia, vomiting, nausea).Moreover, hematological levels can be maintained at healthy levels.

Ayurveda itself can be quite efficient in fighting cancer cells development. In this case, total body purification through vigorous Panchakarma therapy should be administered along with kashayams oral intake, and a very strict diet. Higher levels of attention should be given to the diet itself in the cancer curation. The diet should minimize secondary toxins build up in a patient’s body. This means restrictive vegetarian diet, as most of animal products will only alleviate the problem with toxins an antioxidants. There are many successful stories of cancer patients with Ayurvedic approach, however, it is very individual for every case. There is always a hope and Ayurveda can offer less harmful way to get rid or malicious cancer cells.