Sonja Berlot, Slovenia

My name is Sonja Berlot. I am 59 years old, residing in Forest Martuljk. My knee problems had begun in childhood and lasted for 10 years. Doctors suggested I take a surgery at the age of 18, but my Mom did not allow them, which I am still grateful for. But my problem was getting worse and worse with each year, so I had surgery on my right knee, when I was 28 years old, then a few years later on my left knee. I was young and that time and had to deal with such problems. I could not do sports, as doctors guaranteed my knee would serve me for 10 years if I stay on a safe side. I have been constantly facing the knee pain and had to live with this problem.

A year ago it happened to me that I could no longer stand on my feet due to the unbearable pain. I visited orthopaedic clinic, where I went through the medical check up and told I had arthrosis, which was associated with my age. The diagnosis suggested I could only choose to have an artificial knee. After that I went to visit my son in Australia , where I found the solution in alternative medicine. The alternative medicine doctor has immediately helped me so I could travel. Of course, I always had a swollen knee and the pain, but this is what many people have to live with, so did I. My knees were always very swollen.

When my son and his family came to Slovenia, the daughter learnt about mister Nithija and told me about his centre. So both of us booked an appointment for a diagnostics. Me daughter- in-law was primarily interested in the general medical condition, but I decided to get consultation and advice for me knee problem. Mister Nithija wanted to know what kind of problems I had, then he made a pulse diagnostics to me an gave a diet advice. Of course he wanted to know if I'm ready to follow a diet. As I have already tried a lot of things but with no good results I decided to try this as well.

First of all I had to follow a diet for a month, during which I noticed something really positive going on with my body. So I went back to see Nithiya once again. Mr. Nithi advised me to take 14 days of treatment. I have opted for a shorter treatment and stayed in Ljubljana for 1 week only, where I visited his centre every day. The first few days I had a lot of reaction, I felt tired and without energy. After completing a one-week therapy, I felt a lot of difference and decided to stay longer and get more treatments.

The difference was very noticeable, as I no longer was sensitive to the weather changes, my knee did not cause problems. Also the general mood was better, I felt reborn, at night I slept very well and got up every morning feeling rejuvenated. When looking at my knees I noticed my swelling disappeared gradually. Even the pain has reduced. I was over-happy when I watched the progress and was really eager to follow advices of Mr. Nithiya.

At the beginning Mr.Nithi warned me that I would loose weight very quickly. It was true and in no time I lost 12kg. He advised me do swimming, cycling and overall exercising regularly as well as showd me the stretching exercises. Now I go swimming and to the gym once a week, at home I do cycling on cycling machine. My knee now doesn’t hurt at all and is not swollen. I was under the supervision of Nithija from September 2012 until March 2013. Recently I had an viral infection, but thanks to Mr. Nithija I was able to overcome it quickly. He is a remarkable man. It is difficult for me to find the right words to describe his sacrifice and kindness that he is giving to each patient. You can feel really genuine interest in helping you and his warm heart. His assistants are all very friendly and attentive to their clients.

Dr. Kurt Schlögl, Austria

Last year I consulted Subramanian because I had been suffering for many years from an inflammation in the lower spine. Pain had been coming on and off, and different cures (fibromyalgie treatment with radon, classical curative massages, therapeutic baths, acupuncture, etc.) brought no more than temporary relief. By the time I almost had gotten used to that deficiency and considered that such case of „wear and tear“ due to advanced age (my age was 66) just could not be restored any more.

Subramanian´s treatment included Navarakhizi and warm oil packages on the inflammed part of the spine (Katti Basti). Both of them increased the inflammation at first, and the pain got significantly worse. After several weeks, however, the healing process started and brought a really remarkable result. The pain and the annoying feeling in the spine was almost gone. I could do a lot of heavy garden work without any problem at all. This year I returned for a checkup and Subramanian diagnosed that no more than 30 % of the old inflammation was left. I am now continuing the treatment, being very confident that the spine will be completely healed in due time.

I think the marvellous successes of Subramanian´s therapeutic approach can be attributed to his vast experience as Ayurvedic doctor, to his arsenal of manifold medical treatments and powerful Ayurvedic remedies (though their taste can hardly be described as pleasant), and last but not least to his outstanding concern for the wellbeing of his patients, his warm heart and his modest and unassuming demenour. His mere presence is radiating compassion and healing powers.I have deep respect for the ancient Ayurvedic medicine in general, and in particular for Subramanian as a highly competent practicioner of this over 5000 years old healing tradition.

I recommend him as a healer and helping friend for any kind of health problem in any situation of one´s life.

Pasquale, Belgium

My problems started with just occasional headaches, which tended to become more intense and frequent up until the point where I could hardly stand this constant pain. I have been under such an annoying discomfort that had to visit my GP. At that time I already had regular irritation patterns, which I thought were not connected to my headache. However, the MRI and MRA revealed the benign brain tumour in the frontal lobe. Thankfully according to biopsy I had to undergo it was revealed my tumour is not cancerous, but I ‘ve been told the brain surgery can clean the tumour. Been through even the neglectable biopsy, I was very determined to avoid any brain surgery. My friends advised me to consult an Ayurvedic doctors in India, as there were several cases of people being cured of tumours in their bodies by Ayurvedic treatments. That’s how I came to know Nithi. He put me through 3 stage of Ayurvedic treatment in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I have been through Panchakarma and there was a diet given to me. As I understand the course of treatment Nithi giving is unique in each particular case, so I am not sure if other diseases would be treated in the same manner. To my surprise I started to enjoy treatment and a diet. The diet is a very important, not to say crucial part of the regimen. Nithi is very particular about this. Literally, that means you cannot deviate from the menu. Along with taking herbal medicine, diet and procedures were administered by his therapists. Slowly “my” tumour began to diminish in size considerably, giving me more and more hope that I could avoid surgeries. Now I have no headaches and no tumour according to my doctors. I am not afraid that a tumour can grow back, as I was able to see the results of Ayurvedic treatment. But Nithi always says the great part of the successful treatment is a diet. I am always in touch with Nithi even now and would like to thank him and his assistants for true commitment and participation in patient’s recovery.

Gulmira, Kazakhstan

My diagnosis is brain tumour, for which I had undergone already 3 surgeries, 2 in Kazakhstan and one in Seoul, South Korea. The last surgery in S. Korea was done last year. Because of the tumour  I have severe headaches, which interfere with my eye vision and balance during walking and standing. When I feel headache I cannot see properly and walk straight, which makes it difficult for me to work and look after my family and business. But I have done all that is needed, surgeries, taking pills, and I used to survive on painkillers, however the latter helped only temporarily.

In last 2 years time I have also developed a noticeable hump behind my shoulders, which made me feeling very uncomfortable. I could not even wear my usual clothes. I have been suffering from constipation problem for several years already. Sometimes this would happen to me once a week. Because of that I have also gained  some weight. I thought nothing can help me anymore, but my sister in law forced me to go and see Nithi in Kuala Lumpur. Actually she has been asking me to see him when he was in Slovenia, Ljubljana as well, last year, but I needed visa and decided not to go.

This year I finally made it to his centre in Malaysia. I had 4 weeks Pancha Karma treatment, which included oil massages, diet, herbs, vasti and enemas. Already on the third day of the treatment my constipation was gone and I felt very light, however my headache still persisted. But I must admit after getting shirodhara massages I felt much better and could even sleep properly. The headache was gone but not completely after approximately one week time. But I could walk, I could  look straight and even walked to is centre from my hotel, which took around 15 minutes. Before, if you could see me, you never would see me walking alone, it is either my husband drove me or somebody helped me to walk. Sometimes I could bump into people on the street or in the shop. Nithi was very attentive and tried to do everything to ease my headache. Maybe I have been complaining too much… After two weeks time everybody noticed that I had lost some weight and , more important, my hump was smaller. As a reward I even made a trip to a shopping mall myself and returned with several new dresses, which I would never be able to wear with my hunch.

The diet was easy for me as well, especially I liked the mung bean, which we used to eat in Kazakjstan, it is know as “mash”.Nithi explained that although beans are not allowed for my diet, this mung bean is not actually a bean family , but vigna, more like a seed. He is always open to share his knowledge on the health and food with you, I even got several recipes from him, as we had to cook for ourselves. 

After the treatment I still can have the headache sometimes, but it is short now, not like before, maybe I can have it for 10 min, not for several days as before. As I understand since my tumour is still there, I have this headache, but once it grows smaller and, hopefully, disappear, I should not have any headache. I really wish to get cured by any means. And this way is quite easy, I mean, I have been through surgeries, and they are costly and also I had to recover after them. Now I don’t even take this as a medical treatment, it is more like my way of life.

My 17-year old daughter also has cysts in her uterus, which might be hormonal and can go away soon, but I want her to see Nithi, I am sure she will benefit from his treatments the same way I did. Thank you from the deep of my heart. The job you are doing is very much appreciated.

Stojan, Slovenia

I was suffering with migraine and skin allergies with itchiness since 11 years old.The doctors gave to me pain killer tablets and tablets to stop itchiness after each visited them.I was advised to take pain killer tablets for every four hours per day .After taking the pain killer tablets my migraine stops for few hours and again I need to take more tablets,other wise the migraine will occur again.But after taking the tablets,I start to have burning and irritation in stomach and my skin allergies became more worst.

This problem was going on for few years and I gave up with doctors.And after few I was in Chinese medicine with acupuncture and local Slovenian old way of healing but nothing helps.A year ago,I met one of my old friend who has good successful with his wife's chronic disease cured by Nithi.After me listen to his wife's experience,I decided to meet Nithi.Nithi is a warm person and I felt comfortable and calm on my first meeting.He explain about my health problems just by using fingers in my wrist pulse.I was amazed with his knowledge.He tough me about diet - what I should eat and not.

I was visiting Nithi daily for 2 weeks for a kind of powder massages and after oil massages.After around 23 days my migraine gradually gone but it comes once or twice in a week and strong like before,no more constipation and irritation in stomach disappeared totally..But my skin allergies was not much changes.I did not give up with Nithi's diet.After 3 around 3 months,I felt strong fever and running nose and I went to Nithi.After he diagnose me he said very good.I was surprised and shocked with his word.

He said my skin allergies will not be longer and you're in curing process with smile.He is right and it happen as he said and a month,my skin allergies and itchiness gone down slowly in 3 months.Now I don't have any migraine,constipation,irritation&burning in stomach and skin allergies with itchiness.

Thank you Nithi for get me out from my pains and problems.

Sangeeta Rani Marimuthu, Malaysia

I have been diagnosed with colon cancer several years ago. First I only had some indigestion problem, frequent diarrhea and didn’t know it was some sort of a cancer. But I felt very tired always. I thought it was connected to my age, as I am 57. But the blood in my bowel motions led me to visit a doctor. They told me I have undergo a surgery after a long row of tests and procedures. While I was constantly visiting doctors, a family friend told me about successful stories of cancer patients with Ayurveda. My son started to search for any ayurvedic doctor who could help. That is how I met Nithi. He told me not to worry and just follow whatever he said. First, he gave me a very strict diet and suggested I take treatment course from him, where he would try to heal my colon with injecting special medicinal oils into rectum. After about 4 months I went back to undergo tests, and they found no cancer cells. I could go back to my normal life, but with strict diet following the treatment. Now I am totally fine, but trying to keep my diet, as I am now aware of what difficulties I could face if I were diagnosed with cancer again. Thank you, Nithi and wish you a successful practice.

Bozena Kezar, Slovenia

My health was getting weaker fast, but I couldn’t stand any medication. High blood pressure rheumatoid arthritis causing painful, stiff and deformed joints.I couldn't carry one of hand,couldn't close my both hand fingers,lower back and both knees aches and I could not scoot down&walk All the doctor could do, was prescribing pills for blood pressure control and pain relief, but those caused my stomach to revolt. Therefore I needed additional pills, to be able to take the prescribed ones. But, that didn't help either. Other organs also had problems with the treatment to the extent, that I even had problems breathing.

I often had health problems. That caused me to consume a lot of pills. Twenty three years ago gallbladder infection causing jaundice led to it's removal. After the surgery, infection spread to the pancreas. In the last decade rheumatoid arthritis caused me the most problems. Finally I was no longer able to move my left arm and the pain was waking me from sleep. Two years ago problems with high blood pressure appeared.I was trying to use pharmaceuticals to heal myself for quite some time. But it didn't work out. Therefore I've tried to find a natural remedy. In a store, where I was trying to buy some blood pressure treatment tea, I've met Mrs. Tatjana by pure coincidence. She had told me, that her husband was healed by ayurvedic doctor Nithi and gave me the phone number of his clinic in Ljubljana.

I found the first examination to be very unusual. He checked my health by to checking the pulse. Finding the spot on my spine, that's been painful for years, he immediately earned my trust. He told me that poisoning with wrong types of food and pills, is the cause of my disease.He explained to me that I have internal fever causes by liver which dehydrates my joints and liquids fading in between my joints. He also told me, that all joint problems are based on my spine&digestive system and that I shouldn't worry about the blood pressure. To stop poisoning, he advised me to start a strict diet, where beneficial and damaging types of food were prescribed. Before visiting Nithi, I was thinking about fasting, as I felt even worse after any meal. Therefore it wasn't too difficult for me to obey his diet and after one month I was already feeling better.

At that time Nithi suggested, that I start with a therapy and he also set its duration and type. For one month, I'd have two hours of therapy at his clinic, but he also told me what things to do and what not to do at home. I've decided to accept, strictly follow his suggestions and go to the clinic every day.When you enter Nithi's clinic, you find it very pleasant.Simple,calm and clean.You are greeted by kind and sympathetic Petra and Mojca. They help you talking to Nithi if you need help with English. His therapist Lan is also excellent. Above all, Nithi's hug immediately tells, that he cares for you. He also monitors your condition and health daily and adjusts the therapy accordingly.

In the years, since my illness begun to advance, I've tried to find a remedy in the orthodox medicine as well as in homeopathy and some other alternative methods. None of them really managed to help me, so I didn't dare to hope for more, than to keep at least one arm and hand usable. Nithi managed in less than three months, that my pain almost disappeared and that I can move both hands again. My blood pressure has also dropped to normal and my general health is still improving. I dare again to hope and I'm not longer afraid that I'll loose the ability to move and use my hands and legs.

Thank you Nithi.

Abdul Hakim bin Majid, Malaysia

I have  acquired ostheoporosis and lower back pain during playing soccer. I had swollen knee and was limping, when I went to urine I felt irritation.  I have been to local practitioners, a chiropractor, but I only felt temporary relief of pain, which would come back after some time. Nothing helped. Doctors advised me  to have a surgery for my knee (ostheoporosis). I was not sure whether to undergo a surgery, as after that I would not be able to play soccer. My sister had a colleague who had been Vidya’ Nithi’s patient, and she gave me his contacts and recommended to visit him. The methods of this practice are totally different from what I have experienced before: there was no X-rays, MRI, so it felt very unusual. Just with pulse diagnosis he pinpointed my problems. He prescribed me a diet and lifestyle, as well as the physical therapy.  For the first  week in treatment I still have been experiencing an increased pain, which I had been told of before we started the treatment. I still don’t understand what Nithi and his therapists have done to me, as they just used some herbs and paste on my lower back. I’ve been given herbs to take internally and oils as well. After the second week I felt a relief and he taught me stretching and breathing exercises. By the week #4 I could feel the actual relief. Nithi outlined me a deadline of 3 months time, after which I would feel better and stay without any pain at all. Right now I am fine, no pain.  I still do stretching exercises, which I should probably do for the rest of my life, as I can feel their effectiveness. I still have to come back for follow up with him twice a month. During these visits he checks my health condition again through pulse diagnosis and gives new advices.

Sergey, Russia

I have been suffering from lower back pain for the last 13 years. I do realize my job functions include lifting heavy things and driving most of the day. I have tried a few different types of treatments, such as acupuncture, Chinese chiropractic, physiotherapy exercises and, of course, pain killers were my best friends.

My sister, who lives in Malaysia, recommended me to meet Nithi. Since I have already tried many treatments, but nothing could help me with my lower back pain, I decided to come to Kuala Lumpur. Nithi treated me for 30 days, gave me some herbs to bring with me. After finishing the treatment and taking the herbs for two months along with the diet and exercising the way Nithi has taught me, my pain is now gone. Now the pain is almost gone, but sometimes I feel a very mild pain. I would even call it a stiffness in my lower back, it is not exactly the pain. Nithi told me I have to wait for 4 months time to feel a complete relief fro my health problem. I really believe now that I can be totally cured. Thank you Nithi and the team!  I can now recommend to all my friends and family members, who are seeking treatments for their health problems.

Bernard, Belgium

I have a high blood pressure, high cholesterol level and difficulties in breathing. Gradually this has started about 15 years ago. As a young man I was physically fit and never had weight problems. The age has its consequences in health problems. So I was OK about my problems, if doctors gave me pills to regulate my blood pressure and I was given a diet to avoid high bad cholesterol food. My wife asked my to consult Nithi in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He was very precise about the causes of my problems and prescribed me a special diet to follow for at least 6 months to see the results. I have brought Ayurvedic herbal medicine (churnams and kashayams) from him, which I have to take for these 6 months. The treatments I had at Nithi’s place were very different from what I had known about treatment of any disease. These include herbal paste application, giving herbs to cleanse the body (colon), massage for full body. I am following the recommendations of Nithi now and hope to get the results, such as lowering bad cholesterol level and hence blood pressure and loosing weight. Thank you, Nithi and hope to see you again.

Zuriani Binti Osman, Malaysia

I have been suffering from asthma and skin rashers since my childhood.I have visited many different types of treatments and taken various medicines but nothing has helped.I'm fine since after treatment with Nithi.Nithi is not only a physician who treats disease and sickness in human body.He is a good psychiatrist and motivator as well.I have benefited a lot from his advise in my personal life. Thank you very much Nithi.

Barbara Rihtar, Slovenia

Ko sem se februarja 2013 vrnila iz tujine, mi je čez noč oteklo levo koleno. Tudi bolelo me je, tako zelo, da brez opore nisem mogla stopiti na nogo. Šla sem na urgenco. Tam so mi koleno slikali, mi nogo pregledali z ultrazvokom, če bi šlo morda za vensko trombozo, nato pa so mi koleno punktirali. Ko so med pregledom zdravniki izvedeli, da sem se vrnila z daljnega vzhoda, so začeli sumiti, da gre morda za kako zelo odporno bakterijo. Obdržali so me na interni kliniki, vzeli vzorce punktata in me takoj začeli zdraviti z izredno močnimi antibiotiki. Koleno so mi medtem še enkrat punktirali, potem pa sem dobivala mrzle obloge. Po nekaj dneh se je izkazalo, da ne gre za bakterijo in iz bolnišnice so me odpustili z diagnozo: revmatoidni artritis, mi svetovali, naj si na koleno dajem mrzle obloge in predpisali tablete proti bolečinam v kolenu. Po treh mesecih takšnega zdravljenja, se je moje stanje izboljšalo samo toliko, da sem lahko le po ravnem hodila brez opore in še to zelo počasi. Odločila sem se, da si pomagam drugače. Obiskala sem dr. Nithija. Na podlagi pulzne diagnostike je ugotovil, da imam težave s kolenom zaradi vkleščenega živca na spodnjem delu hrbta. Predpisal mi 14 dni terapevtskih masaž in zdravilnih oblog ter dieto. Predpisane diete sem se strogo držala. Po dveh mesecih se mi je stanje tako izboljšalo, da sem nehala šepati na levo nogo. Tudi na krajši sprehod sem že lahko šla. Septembra sem lahko normalno hodila tudi na daljše sprehode, lahko sem delala tudi nekatere vaje iz joge. Po stopnicah sem lahko hodila ne da bi se mi bilo treba držati ograje. Od decembra lani pa sem lahko izvajala že vse jogijske vaje, ki sem jih delala tudi prej. Imela se še neko težavo, ki je med zdravljenjem izginila: pred nekaj leti me je začela srbeti koža na nogah, na točno določenih točkah. Srbečica, ki se je pojavila, je bila tako neznosna, da sem si kožo spraskala do krvi. Na spraskanih mestih so nato še dolgo ostajale kraste. Vprašala sem dr. Nithija za vzrok in pojasnil mi je, da je to zaradi slabega delovanja jeter. Od takrat, ko sem začela z dieto, neznosnega srbenja in krast ni več.

Manimaran Gunasegaran, Malaysia

I have been having a back pain for a long time. I never thought it was osteoporosis, as it is usually very common in women, however, that was my diagnosis. Besides osteoporosis I have been suffering from asthma for the most of my life, since I was a teen. Because of these health problems I could not do sports, and I started to put on weight. My neighbours have son, who has been treated from asthma with ayurvedic doctor. They gave me contacts of Nithi. He had many patients from locals and foreigners, who were successfully treated from different diseases. He asked me to follow the diet, gave me lifestyle advices, such as I have to move more, what to eat etc. Since I started to take the medicine he gave me, I felt much better with breathing. But Nithi told me asthma means I need to cleanse my body from toxins. I took panchakarma course, which I was told would remove all the dirts and I can gradually get cured. After treatment with Nithi my asthma was gone and I have better bone density now. So I even started to do some sports, I try to jog in the morning. Right after treatment I lost 20 kg of weight and felt very good. Now, since 5 years passed, I gained some weight again, but I still have no asthma and I will try to follow recommendations of Nithi to stay healthy.

Lyudmila Kochetkova, Russia

I have been having strong unbearable migraines for a long time. That is why I started to seek for a medical help from an alternative medicine , and that is how I met Nithi. My left hand was also in pain and I could not carry anything or work with a laptop, basically my hand was useless. Before I ended up in Ljubljana’s centre of Nithi, I have been to Chinese traditional medicine centre, a chiropractic, all types of massages and physiotherapies as well as an Ayurvedic hospital in India. Some treatments really helped, but the effect was short-lived. So I had to rely on the painkillers always. In 2012I went to Ljubljana, Slovenia to meet Nithi, he suggested after doing pulse diagnostics that I stay there for 21 days for treatment. The migraines became weaker after approximately 3 months after treatment. Now I can have them occasionally, and not like before. I think I have about 1-2 migraines in a year. And these are not even migraine-like headaches, they are very light and I don’t need a painkiller to get rid of them. Normally they would go away after good night sleep or a warm shower/bath. AS to my hand, I felt the result almost immediately after a few days they started my treatment. I could feel my hand strong again and was able to grip and carry.

Apart from treatments, Nithi described in detail what I can eat and what I should avoid eating if I don’t want my problems to come back soon. There are also some exercises which he had taught me and I am trying to do them regularly. I have noticed that if I exercise like Nithi showd me, I don’t have migraines. Pain in my hand is gone completely (I hope). I never realized it was that easy and difficult at the same time. Easy part of treatment is the treatment itself and how fast you can feel the result. The difficult part comes when you start dieting. You should be very practical and disciplined to follow this diet Once you sort out how, when and what to do to keep yourself on the diet, it is easy. But it requires good planning skills and a strong will. If you listen to Nithi and understand deeply what he means, you can figure out yourself how to take care of your body. I am planning to come back for treatments at Nithi’s centre in Ljubljana soon, as I feel very light and rejuvenated after them.

Galina, Russia

I am an experienced arthritis sufferer. Since giving birth to my third boy ( and I have 4 sons) this problem has been with me. I was always put into hospital due to my high sed rate (46-48). I have been through antibiotics, hormone and immunity supressing therapies. I have also had a surgery for my varicose veins. About 7 years ago the doctors transferred me into disabled group, so that I can get some expensive drugs for free. This is what practised in my place. So, for the past 13 years I have been taking the immunosuppressive drugs. During this period my sed rate remained very high, but I felt some relief from pain from arthritis. My left knee hurts more and I have been seriously considering the knee joint implant surgery this or next year. My bones in the left leg  are already gone through deformation to the extent that I cannot walk and stand straight, as my left leg is shorter that the right one. If I don’t get my regular drugs and also glucosamine-chondroitin supplement I could not even walk.

My sister has been to Nithi before to treat her glaucoma problem and she is still doing good without a surgery. I decided to come to Kuala Lumpur to go through Panchakarma treatment. Of course, I did my homework and have read a lot about Ayurveda and detoxification. Nithi’s centre is operated as a daytime clinic, it is not stay-in hospital or retreat, which I have read about before. But I have stayed with a nice hotel, where I could also cook my special food prescribed by him individually to me. The diet was easy for me, as I used to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.

The first day of treatment Nithi has stretched my leg, since then I could visually notice the difference: my leg became more straight, and walking was much easier. Also after about 2 weeks from the start of the treatment the rash appeared at the back of my knee joints and in arms region. This was mild, but itchy and I could not sleep properly for 2 nights or so. Nithi has warned me before that this is a natural process of detoxification. The rash was gone in 5 days time.

However, he explained to me that I can feel the difference once I discard all my immunity suppressive drugs and start herbal medicine and diet. He actually showd me some very useful stretching yoga exercises, which I can do anywhere anytime. The best part of exercising is that dancing is beneficial for me, as any positive emotions, which for me is listening and dancing to Indian classical music. Four weeks of panchakarma treatment passed quickly and now I am back home. As I am treated as a disabled person, I need to undergo monthly blood tests, which I did the first thing after arrival.

To my great surprise my sed rate is now 16! I have not had this low sed rate since my youth. I am not using painkillers or any other drugs now, except for Ayurvedic ones. And I still feel a bit of pain while too much walking and standing. But the oil, which you gave me for application to my knee joint, really helps. It is just that I have to apply it regularly. Then I can walk with no problem.

Now I know that I am on the right track and will come back in 5 months time for a follow-up treatment. Until that I wish Nithi good luck in his very useful practise. I hope I can bring my niece to him, as she has an infertility problem after the Fallopy tube removal. See you, Nithi, and thank you and your therapists, especially Lela, whose massage was exactly what I needed. She has very strong touch, hope to see you all soon.

Adrienne, France

I always had painful periods since they started. I did not do anything about this pain, just taking painkillers and drotaverine. Actually I never paid too much attention to these several days of unbearable lower abdominal pain. I just took it as natural. Little did I know about painless periods like millions of other women have. I should say that my working schedule was much affected by dysmennorhea, as I could only stay in bed for a few days, when the cramps were too intense. I was thinking naively that with aging these cramps will go away. However, they have not vanished. Regular gynaecological tests did not reveal any problem with reproductive system. So I had to survive on ibuprofen and spasmolytic drugs. Mt friend in yoga class once shared that Ayurveda can treat this problem. Another friend of mine has been to India for an Ayurvedic treatment, but I wanted to try something nearby. I found Nithi’s centre by testimonials from his Langkawi patients. But I found out that he was operating Ayurvedic centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I spent 3 weeks in the spring in his place to get daily treatments. The procedures, although aimed at eliminating health -related problems, felt more like spa and relaxation massages. But the reminder of them being a part of a treatment course was the daily routine of taking herbal concoctions called kashayams. After leaving Nithi in Ljubljana, I continued to take them for 4 more months. I am still taking different Ayurvedic kashayam for detox every year, and I have never had cramps again. Thank you, Nithi and God bless you!

Tatyana, Russia

I have been through 3 weeks Panchakarma treatment with Nithi in Kuala Lumpur, because of my migraine problems. Well, I have been suffering from severe headache for several years, I don’t remember clearly when it all started.  During my regular  visits to GP I would mention I had a strong headache, but they basically suggested me to rely on painkillers and rest a lot, get enough night sleep and try to engage in some sports routine. I must admit I have tried all this, but never on a regular basis. Maybe it is partially to my inconsistency with this regimen, but the headache always followed me. Now after spending this time with Nithi and his helpful assistants I feel much better, lighter and generally I have more energy for everybody and everything. Even my cycles are more regular now. At first, I was a bit sceptic, since nothing helped me before. But once started I have enjoyed the massages. The massages themselves gave me some relief from headache. Now I am still taking herbs Nithi gave me, and I have to continue taking them for another 5 months. And…the diet, it is a bit hard to cook for myself separate from others in the family, but the feeling after this light healthy food is so nice, that I am not ready to go back to any previous menu, and will not. Nithi, again thank you for this wonderful treatment. The only thing I can complain about is that I could not get tour advice directly, as I don’t speak English. I am now starting to learn it so that next time I can sit and talk to you. See you soon.

Cordula Wagner, Germany/UK

Following some brilliantly relaxing full body massages in February 2013 at Nithi’s Ayurvedic massage center while on holiday on Langkawi where I had the pleasure of meeting the master himself, who did a pulse diagnosis on me which until then I had never experienced, I decided to go for a 3 week detox treatment at his idyllic clinic in Ljubljana (Slovenia) later that year in May/June.

The diagnosis revealed that I needed detoxification of my gall and liver to reduce inflammation in my back and shoulders which caused me considerable pains and even made my right hand very stiff in the mornings. Furthermore I always suffered from bloating and other digestive issues which in response to that I was recommended to start a special diet which would cut out certain foods. At first it seemed very restricting, but within a short period of time this routine became second nature as I was enjoying the benefits almost immediately. Suddenly I was not constipated anymore and painful bloating is a thing of the past. Although I have not always religiously stuck with the diet, like at Christmas when one just have to have a little bit of duck or goose and the odd glass of wine, but on the whole I have loved the advantages too much to jeopardise the great results with eating all the things my system cannot deal with. In Ljubljana I went through a treatment program (Pancha Karma) including nose rinses (Nasyam), special massages for back pain (Lepam and Katti Basti), medicated enema (Mantravasthi/Kasayavasthi), special massage with herbal muslin bags (Navarakizhi), hot oil forehead treatment (Shiro Dhara) accompanied by herbal medicines. By the end of the 3 weeks I felt truly rejuvenated and invigorated, my eyes looked very white and clear and the skin was glowing. In August I had another check-up at the Slovenian clinic where the strict eating plan was loosened.

The digestive issues are a fading memory, my shoulder pain is still not entirely gone but under control (I will have to have a check up to see what can be done to improve that) and my general well-being has greatly improved. I feel extremely lucky to have met Nithi and I am grateful for his advise and guidance. Healing is not achievable today with the wisdom of school medicine alone, we need to look at the root/cause not symptom to heal the body.


Egor, Russia

I have had skin allergy since I was born, the diagnosis for this was  neurodarmtitis. So as afar as I remember myself I have been dieting, but the doctors in Russia prescribed me water+bread+meat diet, of course, no eggs, chicken, seafood, fish and other highly allergic food like citrus etc. So, when I mean I have been deprived of good food, I really mean. However, I tried to be optimistic and as a teenager  was  very active in sports like soccer, bodybuilding. I have been prescribed hormone-base ointments, which did help for a while. But the problem was always with me. Until I came to Singapore. It might be a marine climate with wet and soft weather that helped me, but here I became even more active (means I sweated a lot), but my skin has become better off. Besides skin itching and rash I also have an asthma, for which I take a bunch of medicines.  Asthma has turned into mild in Singapore, and I have been able to do sports. Until…I got my back pain. The diagnosis for this is  Behterev’s disease, which is quite common in males. But this gives me frozen lumbar after I sleep, especially getting up in the morning is not easy. If I don’t exercise for  a few days, I also feel very painful and uneasy to move, stand up, sit down and walk. I have been given non-steroid anti-inflammatory  medicine,  to fight the pain from Behterev’s. But my Mom was very worried about my health, and about anything that can happen in the future with the disease’s progression. I am also aware that taking too many different types of medicine is not good for my liver and the body as a whole. So, she sent me to Nithi, as her friend with a different back problem, has been treated in his centre in Kuala Lumpur for 1 months and now feels much better. She even wasn’t to opt out from the surgery, which was inevitable in her case. With such reviews I felt quite safe to start the treatment with this Ayurvedic Doctor. I have been put on a diet, based on my body condition and diseases, diagnosed by him during pulse diagnostics session. Nithi and his assistants have done several types of ayurvedic treatments, the names of which I don’t remember, but overall they were very relaxing, although these are medical treatments. I just remember that I ve been sleeping during all the sessions. They would put some warm oil in a basin of a herbal dough on my lumbar region. Then they beat me with small but heavy fabric sacs. Nithi asked me to continue with sports, but avoid heavy weight lifting and intense activities like soccer, fast or prolonged running.

Now I am taking 2 types of ayurvedic medicine and following the diet. That’s it. Nothing else. I have to follow this regimen for 5 more months. Only then I can see the results, which can be reconfirmed with my doctors. I have stopped taking the medicine at once, and until now (it has been 1 months since I left his centre in KL) I feel OK, no pain like when I am not taking the painkillers. Following the diet is easy for me, as I can cook with the choice of vegetables here in Singapore easily. Or if I go hawker centre I can always find Chinese or Indian vegetarian dishes. I still have many months to go, but I hope for  better. I will go and check with Nithi after 6 months period and maybe I will have more medical treatments, which I actually like. See you soon!

P.S. I forgot to mention he can also give some recommendations on career choices based on my constitution and psychology. However, according to Nithi, a person should not necessarily follow any recommendations, better to follow the path you have chosen yourself, what  you feel like you want to do.

Abdul Latif Mahmud, Malaysia

I am working as a driver and this means sitting a lot. I am healthy overall, as they say if you have diabetes or heart conditions then you could have erectile dysfunction. So, I never thought I could have impotence problem at my quite young age. To be honest, I never visited a clinic for this problem, as I thought this is not a disease. But I wanted to get back to normal life. One day I was introduced to ayurvedic practitioner Nithi, he spent more than an hour to explain my problem and how it can be treated. It sounded very easy, without taking any expensive drugs. So, I decided to try, and I never feel sorry, as I am free from this problem now. If you ask me what he has done, I cannot explain exactly, as I don’t quite understand how it works. But I was on a special diet, not very strict, but I had to change my menu…Then I have been taking ayurvedic medicine, which he prescribed to me. As he explained he would cleanse my body so that it can work properly again. I had some massages with ayurvedic oil, but all over body, so to the treatment was never embarrassing. I would recommend anybody with such a problem not to waste time and try ayurvedic practice for this. It really works. Thank you.

Metka, Slovenia

Few years ago I felt on the coccyx. Slowly the pain increased so much that I couldn’t seat any more. I visited many therapist, but I was still with pain. Frend advised me to go to Nithi, so I went.According to his analysis after pulse diagnose my problem was: anemic, low blood pressure and low hemoglobin, chronic inflammation in sacrum, coccyx and lumbar.

I started to follow diet and went on treatments. They treated me with different herbs and hot oils, different types of body cleanings; it felt like deep cleaning of body and mind. I enjoyed in them.After treatments I was able to sit for an hour. That was a big relief for me.Now I follow diet, apply oils and take medicines. Even if it will take time to have my back normal, I'm satisfied.

I can sleep at night without pain and I'm able to do more things as before. Other problems I had are now ok. My father, he is 68, had digestion and astma problem. He was cough catarrh for many years. Doctors told he cannot heal that. He to went to Nithi. He felt very much better just by following diet. He is without catarrh now and he says he can breath normal.As with my experience I can say that Nithi's method is helpfull if you foollow the given instructions. For his pacients he takes very good care and gives good life advices.

Martin, Austria

I would like to share my experience with Nithi’s Ayurvedic treatment in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I had a diagnosis of asthma and epilepsy, for which I have bee taking pills and occasionally had to spend weeks in a hospital. I could not exercise due asthma, and tried to travel to the sea frequently, as only wet and salty gave me a relief for my respiratory system. Epilepsy was my another trouble, which made my life very uncomfortable. My wife would not leave me alone even for a minute and I could not drive and walk on my own. Seizure could happen anytime, usually they used to occur in the mornings after a night sleep. I would not wake up and would go from sleep directly into seizure due to my epilepsy. Then the ambulance would come and take me to a hospital. This has become my routine in life. A family friend has shared Nithi’s contacts, as he has been visiting him for treatment of his lumbar pain in Nithi’s Ayurvedic Massage in Langkawi, Malaysia. We found out that Nithi has a centre in Ljubljana, Slovenia and did not hesitate to travel there. I had to spend 4 weeks in August and then again 3 weeks in February after 6 months, during which I have been following a diet and taking herbal Ayurvedic kashayams. Nithi explained to me that my epilepsy comes from poor gall bladder function, which causes my blood circulation in the brain to be poor. Hence, frequent seizures, that were more frequent after unhealthy eating or bad night sleeps, or when after getting exhausted. Slowly my seizures became less frequent and milder. After about 1 year of a strict diet and medicine I had no more seizures. Asthma has gone even earlier, after detox treatments in the beginning. If anybody has health problems of any sort, I would say, you should try Ayurvedic treatment from Nithi.

Rahman, Malaysia

My  son has been going through epilepsy since he was 3 years old. Every 14-18 days he would have at least one seizure. This has started after one bad fever attack when he was a toddler. We have taken him to doctors, but nothing could help him. We have tried Chinese medicine and local Malay traditional medicine as well. I have heard there is one place in Langkawi, where some of my relatives have been to. It is Indian traditional medicine and practitioner is Nithi. We took this treatment 9 years ago. After the treatment my son still had seizures, which only happened then once in 4 months, not every 2 weeks like before. Nithi advised that this is normal and epilepsy will not go away immediately. We were told to  take herbs internally.  But for the past 9 years after these 2 attacks my son has had no more new seizures. Even his skin allergy has gone. So, we managed to fight two diseases with one course treatment. If there is ever any serious health problem with anybody from my family and friends, I would recommend them to visit Nithi.

Julienne, Belgium

For as long as I can remember I have suffered from really bad headaches. These were always preceded by same strong neck and shoulder stiffness and pain. The migraine, according to specialists, whom I had seen before, usually started after exposing myself to cold weather and wind, or sitting too much at the desk, reading or working with a computer. I had a strong pain behind the eyes during the onset of my migraines. I tried to sleep whenever possible to forget about the headache. But even after long night sleep it was with me and sometimes got even stronger. I had these migrains “sessions” for 5-7 days. But once I had them for 10 days, which was accompanied by severe dizziness and loss of orientation. However, neither of usual medical check ups in this case revealed anything wrong. I have been advised to take more rest, avoid coffee and hot baths, try to find a good masseur or physiotheraupist. I have become a frequent visitor to massage and spa salons, where I tried hot stones massages, deep tissue massages, acupuncture. Nothing seemed to help for more than 2-3 hours. Again and again I tried different specialists, until I found an acupuncture specialist (Chinese acupuncture practice). After 5 sessions I felt much better. I was even able to stay without migraines for 1 month. I was very happy with the results. But my headaches came back again. This time I decided to try Indian traditional medicine, Ayurveda. I have read much about how detoxification can help to cope with migraines. I should say that by that time I learned myself the practice of sujok therapy and have been treating myself whenever I had the onset of migraines. For this I used the sharp pointed cone to press points, responsible for head and shoulders and neck region. I could feel a strong pain on the palm of me hand when I pressed them. For 1 day migraines would go away, but they would come back after 1-2 days. I spent 10 days in Nithi’s place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. They would give me abhayangam full body massage along with shirodhara procedure. After just 1 session I could feel the difference: headache has become much lighter and after a very good night sleep that day it was completely gone in the morning. Stiff neck and shoulders were gone as well. As Nithi explained, I had an inflammation in my cervical region, and due to that there was a pinch of a nerve, which was responsible for my bad headaches. Since even relaxing massages are affecting deep tissues, along with medicated Ayurvedic oil application, they can relax the deep tissues and unblock the nerve pinch. That is how easy it was to get rid of my migraines. It has been 4 years since my 10-days Ayurvedic treatment in Ljubljana, Slovenia, but I have no headaches, even mild ones. I hope I will never have them again.

Julia, Russia

My problem is open-angular glaucoma. My intraocular pressure is very high (26-28). I have only 30% of vision left in one of my eyes. I was treated in Russia before, but nothing helped, and I continued to develop glaucoma with my vision considerably reducing over the last 8 years. My daughter is staying is Singapore, and I met a good ophthalmologist there, who really helped me with conserving the glaucoma development. I have been prescribed 3 different eye drops (xalatan, timolol), which drain liquid from my eyes. However, I suffered from side effects of thes eye drops, I always felt irritation in my eyes, blurred vision, red eyes and  sometimes burning pain in my eyes. Besides that I am not sure if it is due to glaucoma or its treatment, but I felt a fatigue and low energy. Even my family and friends did not recognize me, as I used to be very outgoing and energetic. For the past 5 or so years, I am more passive, always want to sleep and lie down. Also the headache and neck stiffness and ache were my friends day and night.   Recently I even felt numbness in my arm from  a shoulder to palms.

We have discovered Nithi’s practice in Langkawi in 2011, when I was looking for a massage place, because of my neck and shoulders stiffness and headache. At that time he diagnosed me and prescribed me a diet and more cardio exercising. This was quite opposite to what doctors suggested me to do, as I was asked not to move especially with my head.  At that time I tried massages and shiro dhara, which really helped me a lot with my pain and headache. I have started a diet and in six months time I lost around 10 kg. and everybody noticed the difference. However, I have not been through any of the medical treatment with Nithi. And my glaucoma progressed. Doctors asked me to use eye drops and wait until we can do a surgery, but until that just wait. My vision deteriorated, and I could not drive a car properly, which I am still doing, but very cautiously. This year since we had planned the trip to Malaysia, I finally managed to meet Nithi in Kuala Lumpur, since before he was in Europe, where I also wanted to go, but even during our trip to Karlovy Vary, Chezh Republic, it was on the main route of our journey. I have not enough time this year as well, and took only 2 weeks Pancha Karma treatment. My headache, neck and shoulders stiffness were gone, but I still feel pain my arm a little bit. I discarded all eyedrops and now survive purely on Ayurvedic kashayams, which Nithi gave me. I understand that my problem cannot be solved 100 % and very quickly, but I am determine to follow the diet and take herbal medicine to preserve my eyes and also detox my body fully. This should help me a lot in treating glaucoma. I want to do this to have my vision, as I have 8 year old daughter, whom I have to drive to school and back. I hope to see positive results.

Natasha Magister, Slovenia

My experience with Vaidja Nithi is really something special in my life. When I came for the pulse diagnosis I felt and experienced that Nithi could really see me, my real self, my core being. He'd checked my condition thoroughly and in detail, and I had a feeling that he could see the root cause of the health problem right away. He treated me with such a kindness and care that I've never experienced before. I have been to one ayurvedic hospital in India before and I really liked it and found it very efficient. But experience with treatments at Nithi’s place is so much more than that. Nithi is so devoted to his art of healing that patients can feel better just by talking to him. The massage at Nithi’s place was also a unique experience. I wish everyone could experience the same, as it is more than just a relaxing or healing procedure.

Thank you, Nithi

Partiban Murugaiya, Malaysia

I have been diagnosed with anal fistula, and I felt pain and itching, later I had some blood when in toilet. It was becoming very painful and I was suggested a surgery. After a surgery, it came back, and this time it was even more painful. Besides this I have been suffering from psoriasis for about 10 years. I have been given some medicine and ointment, and after a course of treatment psoriasis would get better but then come back again. I visited Nithi in Langkawi and he explained that these 2 problems I was having come from my deteriorated immune system. Ayurveda can purify my body and all systems will start to work properly. I visited Nithi for 6 months from time to time, first for 1 month non-stop, then several times a month. I have been given herbal medicine internally and for applications he and his therapists used a herbal paste. My anal fistula was better just after 1 month and I had not pain after just 1 week of treatment. I think these herbs really work. For psoriasis, I still have to follow a diet and I have been almost fasting for 1 year to cleanse my body properly. Now after 6 years, I am fine, I don’t even remember I had fistula and psoriasis is much better now, I don’t even use ointments. I was told to come visit him once in 3-4 months time to treat psoriasis fully. But since Nithi left to Europe, I could not do this. He told me to visit other ayurvedic doctors, as they use same methods. But I felt better and decided not to go. Now I would like to visit him again, since he is back to Malaysia. Thank you, Nithi and the team.

Aijan, Kazakhstan

I have gone through 10 days of oils massages and special treatments for my back pain. I have two little (and very playful) boys, so being under the pain constantly was…a pain for me.  I have also experienced low levels of energy and could become extremely tired quickly after spending time with my kids. As a result of the Ayurvedic treatment program, not only my back felt better, but also I have more energy now. And…as a bonus I have lost abdominal fat, thanks to the individual diet, prescribed for me, based on the pulse diagnostics.  I would not say it has been easy for me to keep the diet, but the results are worth it! Both my kids and my Mom like Nithi very much, he really knows how to treat people of different age.

Vladimir, Russia

My story is a back pain, which started more than 25 years ago. When I was younger and we first had our daughter, I would help my wife with washing baby clothes and nappy as we were staying in the countryside with no washing machine and water supply. Constant bending would cause a severe pain in my lower back. But I was young and physically fit, and soon after my daughter grew up I forgot about any pain. Since my job was to sit a lot and travel by driving I would get my lower back pain from time to time. But it was not very serious (at least I thought so). The problem did not disappear and last year I found myself not able to wake up easily in the morning and had a shooting pain in both legs, which originated from buttocks region. So I consulted the specialists and have been through X-ray and MRI. The results have confirmed I had a spondylolisthesis in L5 and sacrum. The degree of displacement is big enough so that a surgery is the only way. I have been suggested to undergo special surgery, where metallic screws would be inserted to stabilize my spine. I have not been taking any anti-inflammatory medicine or painkillers, as the pain is not that bad. Frankly speaking, I haven’t taken it seriously until Nithi explained me with all drawings and in simple terms what was happening to me and where I can get if no treatment taken. He also explained that that would be a long process, whereas I have to take 2 or 3 Panchakarma and special treatment for my vertebrae with 2-3 months rest in between. During the whole period I have to take a herbal medicine and follow a strict diet. I was also asked not to lift heavy things, exercise except for a few stretching movements he taught me. Now I have been through 1 3-weeks treatment course, during which my pain has increased and I had skin rash. But I already knew that it was due to detoxification of my body and the regeneration movement in lumbar region. I am experiencing a bit of digestive discomfort due to taking ayurvedic medicine, since this cleanses my large intestine. Overall this is not a pleasant experience, but if there is a hope to avoid a risk-bearing surgery, I am 100% sure I have made the right choice of treatment for my problem. I would like to add that Nithi treats all patients as good friends, but at the same time he is very strict and will not compromise with alteration in the regimen.